RICOH 6th Generation Print Head

A minimized 5PL droplet size and improved jetting accuracy yields excellent print quality without graininess.

RICOH  6th Generation Print Head

GEN5 & G5i 

Single-pass 600dpi high-resolution printing and support for multiple ink colors

RICOH  6th Generation Print Head

RICOH 6th Generation Print Head

The new generation model of the Japanese company RICOH Ltd. Maximum frequency of 50kHz, allowing High Precision and High Speed

Up to 720×600 DPI 4pass 645 ft² / h (60 m² / h)

RICOH  5th Generation Printer Head

Has 1280 sprinklers divided in four rows, support up to 2 Colors.
Standard Resolution 600DPI

Toshiba CE4 High Performance Printer Head

Ideal for long working hours, up to 24 hours of continuous operation
Standard Resolution 600DPI


The instant drying of UV inks, allows a relief effect by printing up to 8 layers, obtaining extraordinary results.

Ecological Curing System

Preservation of the environment is a plus in UV technology, since it doesn’t produce volatile organic compounds VOCs.