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Project Description

Konica Minolta KM512/1024/512i/1024i printheads,more options,more value.TAIMES digital printer Is applied with
KM supper wide printheads, work steadily,completely promtes gorgeous colors and hurricane speed.

Advanced and superior rack technology, tailor-made rack standing on both sides of the steel plate, so that
the fuselage has the maximum carrying capacity of 2 tons, effectively alleviating the car spray in the braking
and acceleration of the body vibration, so as to ensure high precision nozzle placement.

High precision CNC milling nozzle molding a bottom to improve print head accuracy, floor with a constant
temperature heating system to ensure smooth ink printing, to avoid ink appear.

With Panasonic 400W AC servo motors system,and standard leadshine 200W servo motor, can supply
the huge power for printer,make sure the printing steadily and effectively.

Three-rod traction release system to ensure the delivery of large batches of bits, to improve walking
smooth, accurate, to meet the high-speed print material delivery.

German Igus towline, and the high quality rail, garantee the printing work for long time.

The latest carbon fiber technology three-stage heating system system,improved the ink absorption for
the material,the pricture is wonderful and beautiful,dry faster and consume less power.

TAIMES environmental friendly and qualified original ink,has been tested by a long time and passed the
EU RoHS certification.More smooth printing,saturated color and low odor.

wall covering

light film

lightbox clothing


Product Model TAIMES T8Q
Printing Width 3200mm (10.5ft)
Printhead Number 8H
Printhead KM1024i-13PL KM1024i-30PL
Print Speed 480X720dpi 2pass 220smq/h 480smq/h
4800X1080dpi 3pass 150sqm/h 260smq/h
480X720dpi 4pass 120qm/h 175smq/h
Ink Types Solvent
RIP Software Photoprint, Maintop
Colour Configuration 4 Color(C/M/Y/K)
Operating System Win7/8  64bits
Printhead Height 2~8mm Above Media Adjustable
Media Type Vinyl, Flex, Polyester, Back-lit Film, Window Film, etc.
Media Standard Maximum Media Width 3,300mm (10.8ft)
Printing Width Maximum Print Width 3,200mm (10.5ft)
Media Transmit Media Feeding System(Max Media Weight 120kg)
Heating & Drying System Equipped (Infrared Ray+Fan Drying)
Data Interface USB2.0
Temperature 15-32℃ (59 to 90˚F) [20℃ (68˚F)
Humidity 35 to 80% RH (no condensing)
Maximum Power >20A; 4.0KW
Access Parameter AC220V(±5%),50HZ/60HZ
Machine Dimension/Weight L5,000x W1,230 x H1,530mm / 800Kgs
Package Dimension/Weight L5,100x W1,080 x H1,680mm / 900Kgs
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